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Just Dance in Karma Guen

One of these ideas, which have been sitting around for a while, finally came true. We organized a night of dance and fun in Karma Guen playing “Just-Dance” together. This is a multiplayer game of the Wii, where you compete to “elegantly” follow a given choreography.

We selected the Easter course to be as many as possible and play as many rounds as possible with 4 dancers per round and song. We projected the screen to the wall of the cafeteria and so not only the 4 dancers were “on stage”, but dozens of friends joined in the dance – hilarious! and pure joy!

The winner of it all got the beautifully illustrated book about the Thaye Dorje gompa in Karma Guen signed by Dawa.

Second Ngondro weekend in Malaga

This was already the second weekend we spend together with the friends in Malaga to fundraise for the villa Montserrat project. After meditation and teachings and late dinner this time the night was dedicated to Carnival! Pure joy guarantied 🙂 Thank you friends for this great time!!



Pastries in Karma Guen

Karma Guen is an amazing place and even more so our friends “creating/running” Karma Guen. These wonderful people who came to Karma Guen from all parts of the world decided to make delicious cupcakes and other pastries to raise money for our project in these days, what a delicious treat! Once I heard that if there is a project like this, the friends on the way don´t support the project itself, but the activity of the Sangha at work.

Lottery with a very special price

We started to distribute tickets for the lottery with a very special price:

The travel from any place in the world to the summer course 2015 in Karma Guen including the whole course and a dinner with the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje.

After about 900 tickets, which went to friends living as far away as New Zealand we finally found the winner: Margot from Denmark with her lucky number 610.