We give the signal for the purchase

What followed, was a great wave of inspiration, thanks to the generosity of friends from all over the world we managed to raise the money to give the signal of the purchase of the house and additional 100.000 euros, this allowed us to begin negotiations with the banks to Get the mortgage we needed.

Facility Work

In January of the year 2019 begins the work of installations: pipes, electricity, heating and reconditioning of the interior spaces of the house.

Permission to start the work

In the autumn of 2017 we already had the permits to start the work, we reviewed negotiated the proposals of different companies to start PHASE I, reinforcement of the structure. The reason we hired a company for this first phase is because Lama Ole gave instructions that this part should be carried out by a professional company with all the guarantees.

Visit of HH VII Karmapa

In August of 2017, HH Karmapa was in Granada along with Nedo Rinpoche, Jigme Rinpoche, Young Gendum Rinpoche and friends of the Diamond Way centers around the world, especially Granada. We spent some wonderful hours, teaching the Villa to Karmapa, the Rinponche and friends, we ate together in the cozy courtyard and returned to Karmaguen to continue the course.

Invitation to HH XVII Karmapa

In March of 2017, friends from Spain who were in KIBI for the Karmapa public course, were able to present the Granada project to HH XVII Karmapa and invite him to visit the Villa, taking advantage of his visit to Karmaguen in August. Karmapa received the invitation with much thanks and said, that, if your agenda allows, you would be happy to visit the center of Granada and gave us blessings.

Lama Ole's second visit

In January of 2017 we had the second visit of Lama Ole, in a brief and improvised escape from his retirement, we shared many magical moments with him, he taught us, he talked about the place, the Buddhist refuge, gave blessings and especially gave the name to the village: "Karma NgedonLing" which means the "place of the deepest meaning".

The beginnings of the works

Very inspired by this step, we started doing small jobs with friends from other cities, for example, cleaning the garden, recovering tiles, cleaning the house, starting to meditate there and developing the activity of a Buddhist center, we received friends travel teacher, we invite friends from other centers, etc.